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Eddie Peake: Forever Loop

Submitted by admin on Mon, 2015-11-09 12:57

The Forever Loop, the title of Eddie Peake’s commission for the Barbican Curve, presents continuous live performance set against a backdrop of large scale installations, from a maze-like, plastered wall structure, and a raised scaffold walkway to a checker-board dance floor. These installations are populated by an array of surreal objects including a cast of anthropomorphized acrylic bears, brightly colored replica whale bones, delicate bronze pipettes, amorphous plaster sculptures and a strange metal figure with an acrylic box head filled with autobiographical items. A stenciled wall text painting squeegeed with fluorescent pink paint spans the 90-metre curved wall inviting the viewer to loop back on their trajectory through the Curve. Foregrounding the naked body – both male and female – the performance weaves in and out of synchronization with a video that flits between footage of past performances, a home movie from his childhood in which he is surrounded by his siblings and cousins at play, alongside a film shot at the studio of, a London underground radio station. Accompanied by a sheer-suited roller skater gliding fluidly through the Curve, the performers move in and out of the installation spaces taking the viewer on a dramatic journey that is endlessly repeated.